Tsuruda – Rawflavor Review

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By RANTS on July 25, 2015

Fresh for one five, you ssuckerrrrrrs. Not since picking up on Bay Area’s JOOB have we been exposed to such innovative, evocative and bold beats as Rawflavor. This is one of those rare bandcamp beat tapes that keep the audience engaged from woah to go. With all the makings of any early LA Beatscene release, this Salt Lake city native has proved (to me at least) we are still in some sort of Beat golden age, even if late in the stage (mayhaps). 

Digging digitally this release led me to Tsuruda’s fam; ‘Courteous Family’ (well worth a look). Finding new crews in California that are picking up where old ones left off feels like there may be a new generation of beat-makers to take the helm in LA. Rawflavor ticks all the boxes that were created at the turn of the decade, but this isn’t something played out or tired rehashing, its reinvigorating; fresh for one five! 



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