The Internet – Ego Death Review

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By Rave Dobbyn on July 22, 2015

The Internet, spawned from Odd Future core members Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians (front & centre) formally branched off to form their own Alt-R&B (hipster terminology for ‘good RnB’) project all the way back in 2011. Syd the kid was originally Odd Future’s house engineer and now, after 2 previous albums with mic in hand, offers an excitement and a new musical point of view not heard for some moons. While Syd’s hand had much to do with Odd Future’s early confronting work, the group here packs a far more subtle but just as devastating punch for the mind. Abandoning all pre-conceived clichés The Internet take RnB full circle throwing hooky Hip-Hop/Soul as the driving force, a mind bogglingly fresh sound in 2015.

Ego Death is musical with some of the filthiest bass lines of recent memory, anchored in hip-hop with a mix garnished with jazz, funk, and rock (old schoolers should reference ‘Groove Theory’ about now), bedroomy, lush, flash… but still plenty odd. The instrumentation showcase’s Syd’s war stories of love and loss; tackling complex matters of the heart in a relatable and conversational voice that is somewhat genderless in prose and perspective. Ego Death’s arrival seems somewhat serendipitous. An album sung entirely by a woman to another woman… the new normal.

As I listened to this (for the third time) all I could think to myself was… this is wicked.



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