Shigeto – Intermission Review

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By RANTS on November 2, 2015

We put up Shigeto’s unreleased 2010 EP from All City not long ago and it’s amazing the change a few years have had. The opener on Intermission is a 7 minute plus behemoth, obviously not made for the club the track weaves from loops crashing together in a sometimes chaotic and haunting manner. Next on the album Shigeto tries his hand at Jazz trooping, in a bold move the free form of Jazz creates some off kilter tempos causing some abrasion to the listener’s ear. Then as the listener is left wondering, Shigeto’s healthy hiphop work brings the whole project together.
The Boom and Bap still has signs of life buried within this EP, this classic drum infusion is balanced beautifully with the deep and mesmerizing synth melodies this album has on display. Shigeto has put together a thought provoking and moving EP, from classic head noddy beat to ephemeral pad work, this album encapsulates creative expansionism in a stoic fashion. Congratulations.



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