Roots Manuva – Bleeds Review

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By RANTS on November 2, 2015

Rodney is 43 now, parties are a thing of the past, his voice has reached its peak, so what’s left? Bleeds opens with a dark introspective brooding tale, he’s not just trying to recreate past success, it feels like still actually has something to say. The album follows directly into a tune ‘Cry’, still downer as vibe but has a solid hip-hop backing; Rodney addresses his detractors comments about throwing in the towel. Facety 2:11 shows Rodney still commands respect amongst his peers as this beat is killer and it should be as it’s produced by the incomparable Four Tet.

The rest of the album ages in mature fashion, from downbeat to orchestral music Roots Manuva allows his voice to evolve and it creates some dynamic and enigmatic results. Rodney’s choice in beats solidifies his 6th album release as a reputable and solid pick of one of the best releases this quarter.





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