The Digs Live – 2017 #1

The Digital Diggers Alumni is alive and well for 2017. Long time compatriot D-Fresh teams up with stalwart Rave Dobbyn bringing The Digs back like rogaine. Well seasoned DJ veterans building on their own spheres the bastard brothers take their selects higher than propane in astroplanes releasing ya dopamayne. Tune in for the latest cuts and classic rubs.

the digs award tour digital diggers best of 2016 radio control

Digital Diggers on air component ‘The Digs’ broadcasts live every Wednesday night to the good people in the wider Manawatu region. The Award Tour is the Digs favorite tunes from the year for what ever reason. The Digs Award Tour 2016 Best Foreign Release Dengue Dengue Dengue – Siete Raíces Best UK Rap Tape Herrmutt Lobby – Woof Best Beat Tape Dibia$e – Bakers Dozen Best Remix Per...[Read More]

Next Party – Juke Bounce Werk

Juke Bounce Werk is a collective that began with the idea of bringing the sound and culture of Chicago footwork to Los Angeles. Established in 2013 by Sonic D, DJ Noir, and DJ J Drago, Juke Bounce Werk has been growing at steady clip and now comprises of 11 members across the globe. Acting as tastemakers as well as performers, JBW has fostered the rising awareness of Chicago footwork culture and t...[Read More]

Next Party – Future FUNK

Come get down – future leaning freaky beats played live from Dimes & Moti0n, Koro DJ’s with tweaky selects, the finest cocktails in town – big ups to Radio Control! 

The Digs Podcast – October

Well fucking Mixcloud has decided to no longer do ID’s on the mixes… Which means I can no longer cut and paste. Which means more effort to type up… if I just told you it’s a solid show with comparable banter, would you be interested? Give it a nudge.. and maybe if you know the tracklist you could put it in the forum and I can cut n paste it or something.

Secret Show – HELLO PARTY

So hungover. A secret show throw down happened over the weekend. The homies and homettes came to pay homage to Asher Newbury as he makes his way to his new life as Tuhoe art curator over on the coast. Speaking of.. Art installs surrounded the venue, projections from artists Azure and Israel Birch, dope visual constructs set the scene for the crew; DJ Sets from D-Fresh, Rave Dobbyn and our Welly co...[Read More]

The Digs Podcast – 13th July 2016

Three new EP’s out this week, one from Djrum, one for Addison Groove and one from Om Unit, all heavy weights, take a peep down below for a listen. Catch the final half for some golden age blogosphere beats from Devonwho, Fybe One, Tokimonsta, Samiyam, Thundercat, Deft, Jon Hopkins, Purity Ring, Teebs, MF Doom, Flying Lotus and Dalt Wisney

alpha beta gamma great job palmerston north music beats

Over the past year our town has been lucky to have a crew working on locals playing out to locals. Last week we sent off the great ol Great Job with a line up featuring beat peddlers; Slower Motion, Snacks by Slower Motion Buska Dimes and an emphatic Alpha Beta Gamma live set. gardens by Alpha Beta Gamma The Wireless was there to cover the send off, peep below.

The Digs – Podcast July 6th

Token Whitey pulls an Afrikan special, Sons of Negus, Monty Alexander, Owen Gray, Roland Alphonso, The Maytals, Un Dos Tres Y Fuera, Miguel Angel Fuster and more.

The Digs – Podcast June 29th 2016

New releases this week from Dj Shadow, Mala, Mount Kimbie, Dj Kaos, Howie Lee, Blood Orange, Mickey Pearce, Markee Ledge, Traxman, Dj Madd, Conducta, Notion, Jimmy Edgar, Richie Brains and a new remix album from Goldlink.

The Digs  Podcast – June End Edition

Quick show this one, just breaking the 1 hour mark. A nice smattering of Dibiases latest beat tape opens the show. Then we check out the album of the week, ‘Inna NICE UP! Fashion’ where the behemoth record label Fashion gets re-rubbed from Nice Up’s crew; peep the podcast for the result. The show then sways back to some classic east coast hiphop.

June the First Edition

Yo! another week another installment. This time we got Lone’s new album ‘Levitate’ is nuts. Seven Davis Jr got a new EP, good times. Autechre… such a hard listen (I have tried!). We pay the new Flume album, but not the tacky stuff. Max Graef, Glenn Astro, Space Dimension Controller, its all on!

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