Luke Vibert – Bizarster (2015) Review

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By Rave Dobbyn on November 4, 2015

Luke Viberluke_vibert-260815t has been around and then some, prolific (while an understatement) is the only way to describe his output.  This has spun off into many aliases to match his productions, with each fitting a particular genre, albeit loosely in many respects. Wagon Christ delivered the trippiest trip-hop, Amen Andrews made dizzying jungle, Kerrier District did filter disco. Albums under Vibert’s proper name spread even further: Big Soup spanned breakbeat and downtempo, YosepH dipped into acid, while a compilation, Nuggets, found Vibert digging deep into essential library music gems (get the volumes if you can find them).

All I can say is don’t let those bloody buggers at Pitchfork sway your ears in any direction… either i’m seriously out of touch or this album is a blimmin monster.  Check it out for your self but know this… a serious Rave Dobbyn ‘Party Jam’ stamp of approval has been planted on this so give it a go, disappointment is not part of the equation.

Go forth good solider, bring the funk…the whole funk, plenty of the funk.

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