Lobster Review

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By RANTS on February 14, 2016

Forget judging the film from its plot. A sip of surreal. Watch how humans can become soulless in an effort to stay more nights in the hotel of life. Rebirth awaits for those that depart and you even get to chose which animal you will be once you die, in this case, the protagonist chooses a lobster. How we interact and engage in life is pasted poignantly on the screen. As the film moves into its opening act, It quickly becomes evident; the human death march rewards those that death march the hardest. The film’s narration is plucked straight from the novel, engaging as it is bizarre, the truly hypnotic cast with their dry dialogue forces it’s awkward self awareness onto your lap, remains there, makes itself comfortable and curls up for a nap.


I hope you can place Lobster on your netflix queue.



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