Hell Or High Water (2016) Review

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By RANTS on November 24, 2016

I’m glad I pirated this. This is the sort of movie Trump would spoon Bannon with to watch while in bed. Mid-West trump trash have been kept down by the government for years. The movie constantly casts images of a depleted economy, loan signs, failing farms and even the Gadsden Flag in the protagonists caravan. The movie opens focused on graffiti on the wall reading “I fought in Iraq and didn’t get a bail out”, then we find our heroes stealing from banks (not real people, just government backed banks)

The major failing in this movie is the unnecessary forced racism – the first poignant example is during the opening sequence of bank robberies where a bystander directs his line toward the White freedom loving bank robber “But you’re not even Mexican” as he begins his crime. The same theme flows though to the sherif working on the case who manages to make blatant racist quips directed at his Native Indian partner – who accepts it like white supremacy is normal.

The story has a speech at the end to say – White Americans are the new Native Indians and the Banks are the new oppressors. An attempted redemption which falls into historical discord.

The story is old – fighting against odds stacked by the government, although in the aftermath of the white pride uprising it emboldens a rhetoric that only one team is to be on top.




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