DJ Koze – DJ Kicks Vol. 50 Review

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By Rave Dobbyn on July 1, 2015

Berlin’s DJ Koze turns out the landmark 50th release in !K7‘s ‘DJ Mix’ series, quite an honour, owning the mantel with a suitably subdued, well executed mix. On par with the most iconic in the series and mining a rich vein Koze offers an unusual collusion of blissful, blunted, and on point selections.  Showcasing his affinity for beautiful textures and gentle boundary pushing for the more well-heeled amongst us.

Koze’s DJ-Kicks is remarkable, not in its structure (which flows seamlessly) but in its insight into Koze’s psyche, it’s autobiography in sound. As it moves from blunted woozy hip-hop (Stones Throw) into deliciously weird singer-songwriter turns (Broadcast, Daniel Lanois), ending with gorgeous selections of gentle, familiar house and techno (Session Victim; Frank & Tony; Marcel Fengler) you hear Koze’s music emerge out of the selection. In his own words

“I didn’t want to kick around sophisticated knowledge, but rather try and weave together some good gems that would make sense to anyone, even people who aren’t necessarily music nerds”.

Throw in a fondness for 4/4 propulsion and the foundation is set and Koze obliges with tasty embellishment. Along the way tracks are subtly tinkered with remixing/editing bringing everything into a harmonious suite. The set is a lesson in perfect ‘imperfect’ transition, a lesson in real DJ culture in 2015. Forget the façade of the controller ‘elite’, Kose delivers long lost ‘misfit songs’ no longer stymied by possibility but invigorated with simple juxtaposition. EDM continues to fall further from the bleeding edge with every drop… as the artform gets subtly tweaked by Koze et al into the future.



DJ Koze – I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List (DJ-Kicks Exclusive)

Dimlite – Can’t Get Used To Those? (Kosi Edit) / Efdemin – Ohara

cLOUDDEAD – Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix)

Strong Arm Steady – Best Of Times (Instrumental)

Homeboy Sandman – Holiday (Kosi & Fink’s Edit)

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Shame (Instrumental)

Mndsgn – Camelblues (Kosi Edit)

Broadcast – Tears In The Typing Pool

Daniel Lanois – Carla

Hi-Tek / The 2 Bears – Come Get It (Tekstrumental) / Modern Family (Kosi Kos Mélange)

William Shatner – It Hasn’t Happened Yet

Marker Starling – In Stride

Session Victim – Hyuwee (DJ Koze Remix)

Frank & Tony – Bring The Sun feat. Gry (Kosi Edit)

Marcel Fengler – Jaz (Kosi Edit)

Portable feat. Lcio – Surrender (Kosi Edit)

The Gentle People – Superstar



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