Cartel Land Review

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By RANTS on February 14, 2016

Power has been corrupted with financial interests… at a governmental level this means the people are no longer governed by their elected representatives. It’s the modern story of living under an oligarchic empire with little to no concern for its citizens. When the civilians determine that they need to take up arms to defend themselves against threats from criminal groups as well as the government, the civilians become modern day folklore. That heroic folklore can quickly slide into vilified outlaws, and it happens in front of our eyes. The parallels between this nightmarish land of lawlessness and violence and those of the great empire of the United States is evident and documented showing their counterparts in the US. On the border between the two countries, US Governmental rule is waning under the self appointed border control guards which in this film, aren’t depicted as outlaws. Something to mull over.

Revolutionary tale. A documentary so slick it’s like watching a live movie with a solid plot, actors and director, but it’s all real.





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