BONES – NoRedeemingQualities (2017) Review

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By RANTS on July 1, 2017

To write about someone, you should know more than others about that person, thats not what this is, i’m an old man with teenage kids, it’s an experience not an essay. 

BONES has been on my periphery since the A$AP feat, it’s not until his new album ‘NoReedemingFeatures’ that I delved into the world of BONES. Metal ethos in Rap is nothing new, but the fact it’s reappearing in 2017 in such a convincing manner may hint at a resurgence for the blended genre (a welcome counterbalance to the current payola of soulless chart toppers).

[BONES Featured on Jimmy Kimmel in 2016]

A strong lineage stands behind BONES aesthetic including Body Count, Gravediggas and most recently Death Grips.

[Ice-T’s blend from 1992]

[The RZA-rector before Wu under guidance of Prince Paul] – RIP Poetic

[“It goes is goes it goes SEAT BELT!!!” – Steven Ellison, 2010]

This album doesn’t just regurgitate these formats, it has an essence of its own; BONES utilizes a down spoken flow from the Bone Thugz mansion combined with a high end lexicon intertwined in the mind of a misanthrope, really though… just words, click here to hear.


I’m not mentioning Danny Brown’s feature cos that’s not the point here, it’s the album as a whole. NoReedimgingQualities has a tough exterior, a tasty layer and a gooey self loathing centre. Using the album as a metaphor for the artist reveals that the tetchy exterior of BONES is perhaps a facade shielding the man who said “I don’t get along with nobody, no, I think I need a planet of my own”. While our pop counterparts will grimace through the words of a churl, the delivery is art, and the message in art shouldn’t always be innocuous.  





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