Next Party – Juke Bounce Werk

Next Party – Juke Bounce Werk

Juke Bounce Werk is a collective that began with the idea of bringing the sound and culture of Chicago footwork to Los Angeles. Established in 2013 by Sonic D, DJ Noir, and DJ J Drago, Juke Bounce Werk has been growing at steady clip and now comprises of 11 members across the globe. Acting as tastemakers as well as performers, JBW has fostered the rising awareness of Chicago footwork culture and the worldwide footwork movement.

This December 1st, DJ Noir and J Drago are coming to Palmerston North to perform with the newest member of the crew Surly. expect a night of new and unreleased music from the Juke Bounce Werk roster and friends.

Local support from Dimes, D-Flow, Motion, and Sub State.

Check out local Motion on Juke Tip:


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